Why use a Financial Planner?

At Bay Financial Centre all our commissions and fees are disclosed to you in writing before  we provide any advice or you make any decisions.  We do not manage any investment funds of our own and because we disclose all costs before hand you can be assured our recommendations  are based solely on meeting your goals. End of story!

There is no single catch all plan that meets a persons financial needs or goals. We are all unique and our advice is tailored to that uniqueness.

The world is a continually changing place. While technology makes it easier to keep up to date with changes, it also enables changes to take pace at a faster rate.

The financial services field, like any other is impossible for any one person to keep up to date with.

This is why we pay for access to independent research and data across a range of fields that affect all our lives. All advisors are Authorised Financial Advisers and members of the Institute of Financial Advisors.

Our personal interests include golf, fishing, skiing, endurance events, running, tramping and travel.

Our advice is tailored to meeting our clients goals.  We then use specialist research to fine tune that advice in our written reports.

We all want to make a better life for ourselves. This takes advice and time. Often an outsiders point of view clarifies a clients situation & helps them see the light.

We with specialist advice in house or using our range of contacts, we can advise on investments, personal insurance, estate planning, ie the need for wills, family trusts and Enduring Powers of Attorney, farm succession planning, companies, mortgages, medical insurance, all forms of personal insurance, general tax matters and commercial insurance.

When considering insurance protection for yourself, your family or business, there are many things to consider and co-ordinate.

We are all familiar with the concept of maintaining physical health with good food and exercise, but how often do you think about your long term financial health?

It’s all about risk planning and management – identifying the events that have potential to rock your boat and then making plans to stay afloat.

Do a quick financial checkup

Similar to a medical check up, a financial health check up aims to identify your current financial strengths and weaknesses by working through the eight areas of personal risk that are likely to affect you.

The eight areas of personal risk:

1. Do you have a current will?
2. Do you believe the public hospital system will provide the treatment you need?
3. Will your health insurance cover all your medical expenses?
4. Do you have enough saved to get by for at least three months without an income?
5. If you had a serious illness could you financially survive a lengthy period of treatment?
6. Could you survive financially if you could never work again?
7. If you died today could your dependants survive?
8. Are your family and lifestyle financially covered for unexpected unfortunate events?

Total your number of NO responses.

1-3 Not bad.  Most of your financial and risk concerns seem to be under control. However a change of circumstances such as taking on a bigger mortgage or having another child could make it necessary to review your financial situation.

4 or more.  Ouch!  You urgently need to get a financial protection plan in place.  If something
happened to you today, life would take a turn for the worse in more ways than one.

When it comes to health and personal insurance, the best time to get cover is before you need it!