Are You a Business Owner?

Worry how you could afford to pay someone else to run your business?

Most New Zealand businesses are small companies with one of two owners and up to five staff.  If you own a small business with or without staff, how could you survive if you were unable to work for a long period of time?  Could the business afford to employ some one else and still pay you? Would staff have to be laid off?

Key Person Insurance  -

is designed to ensure you can afford to pay someone to run your business until you are back on your feet, without affecting your business cash flow by paying a monthly payment to cover that persons wages.

Business Expenses Cover

You have a very successful business, but suddenly suffer form a major health problem or accident.  It is some months before you can return to work, but you have ongoing expenses such as lease payments, power, bank charges, advertising costs, plant & equipment leasing costs, motor vehicle leases etc, etc.

These costs can be covered until you are able to return to work, meaning the business can continue to operate profitably.