Do I Need Trauma Insurance?

Worry about how your loved ones would cope if you need major treatment and couldn’t afford it?

Technology increases the speed at which new medical discovers are being made and enables operations to be successfully carried out that may not have been possible 10 years ago.
A serious illness can strike at any time and can be devastating.  It would be even more devastating if your financial security is also at risk.

Serious cases of Trauma may mean a long and slow trip to death.  If you were unable to work or afford specialist medical help, how would you and those around you cope?
With Trauma insurance, you receive a cash lump sum to put to any use you wish – whether to provide for loved ones, pay for specialist assistance or a long wished once in a life time trip. Trauma insurance enables a quality of life and hope for a recovery from any of many conditions such as heart attack, stroke, cancer, huntingtons disease, major burns etc.

About 7,600 New Zealanders suffer strokes per year. Survival rates after one month are 75%, this has dropped to 65% after 6 months and 60% one year post stroke onset.

Mark Vivian CEO
Stroke Foundation of NZ 2009