Income Protection Insurance?

Worry how the bills would get paid if you couldn’t work?

What do you consider to be your greatest asset?

Throughout your working life, you have the ability to earn over $2.25 million dollars (1).
A prolonged absence from work or the inability to return to full time work could have a sever impact on your future financial security.

Self Employed or employee, it doesn’t matter.
Consider these questions…

How dependent on your income are you?
Do you have sources of income other than your job?
Who would support you if you couldn’t work?
What would be the financial impact of this?
Is anyone else dependent on your income?
Income protection can help you answer these questions with confidence.

ACC will cover me.  How many good ACC stories have you heard?

ACC will pay limited compensation to cover lost wages in the event of an accident, but what if you were struck by an illness?

The self employed keep their taxable income as low as possible. If you had to go on ACC based on your last years taxable income, how would you cope?

Income Protection Insurance can provide you with a guaranteed income for a period of time that you decide.

No matter what the circumstances, if you have been deemed unable to work you could be eligible.  No hassles with ACC or WINZ, all trying to get you off their books as soon as possible.

(1). Assumes a working life of 45 years at an average wage in todays dollars of $50,000 per year.