Do I Need Life Insurance?

Worry how your loved ones would cope if you died?

Insurance is all about not leaving things to chance. We can identify your needs and determine the risks to you.  Our in depth process will sort the various options and recommend solutions that best meet your needs.

We realize insurance can impact on other aspects of your financial and business plans and can work with your lawyer, account and other advisors to arrange or structure Trusts, wills, powers of attorney, business buy/sell agreements, succession planning and debt protection.

Do you have no one financially dependent on you, no long term debts such as a mortgage or hire purchase, cash in the bank to pay for a funeral and are guaranteed to have a long and healthy life expectancy?

If you could answer YES to each of these questions you may not need life insurance.  For anything else you do need it.  Consider your current and for seeable situation. If your life suddenly ended who would be affected and could they survive without your income?


Think about the potential hardship for those left behind. We haven’t met any dependents yet who complained the deceased left them too much!

In 2006 [the latest year for which statistics are available] 10,840 died from Disease of the Circulatory system [heart attacks, strokes etc] alone
Source:  Ministry of Health 2009. Mortality & Demographic data 2006